Chief Executive
Sharon Appleby Profile Image

Sharon is the BID’s Chief Executive and not only works closely with businesses and organisations across the city but is also actively involved in shaping BIDs nationwide as part of the British BIDS Advisory Board.

She has worked in Sunderland for more than 20 years so has an unparalleled understanding of the area, and that experience – coupled with a real passion for her job – means she’s perfectly placed to help drive the city to achieve its aims and fulfil its ambitions.

Sharon has built a strong network and partnerships with stakeholders and key players across Sunderland and set up the city’s Recovery Task Force to help with post-Covid recovery – a forward-thinking group which has put Sunderland in a much stronger position than other places across the UK.

She is a trustee of Sunderland Empire Theatre Trust, a director of Sunderland Business Partnerships and as well as being involved in the day to day running of the BID, she also plays an important strategic role in the development of BIDs both locally and nationally.