Find out how Sunderland BID can help support you and your business.

With at least £3.6m to spend over 5 years, we’re able to make a substantial and positive impact on the strength and growth of the city centre, so we can help Sunderland’s businesses thrive.

Sharon Appleby at the Sunderland BID Business Plan Launch


    • Sunderland Gift Card blue sky

      Gift Card

      We launched the Sunderland Gift Card, the first of its kind in the North East, in 2020 as part of our ongoing commitment to boosting the local economy.

      Since then, over a quarter of a million pounds has been locked into our city.

    • SR1 Street Ranger and small vehicle


      Lee provides an enhanced cleaning service within the city centre and offers a rapid response service to businesses.

      A welcoming face on the city’s streets, pivotal to knowledge sharing and communication, acting as the eyes and ears for the business community and more…

    • #happeninginsunderland hard copy newsletter


      We offer plenty of free opportunities for businesses based in Sunderland city centre to shout out about their brilliant products and services.

      It’s very simple! You just need to tell us which opportunities you would like to take up.


    Reducing energy costs and cutting carbon emissions is important for businesses of all sizes.

    By installing energy-efficiency improvements into business premises the average company could reduce its energy bill by up to 25%.

    The savings generated by reducing energy bills could pay back the upfront cost of the improvements in just one to three years.

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      • Sunderland College City Campus


        Enhance the skills of your workforce and bring great benefits to your business.

        Sunderland College (part of Education Partnership North East), are looking to support businesses with distance learning courses.

      • Citylife
        Business Support

        Business & IP Centre North East provides a grant to businesses to fully fund support, provided by Citylife Experts, helping them to grow and implement new models of delivery, equipping them to compete in our challenging economic climate and plan for their future.

        Citylife Business Support is available to businesses within Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead and Sunderland.

      • Procure Smart team inside the Software Centre


        We all know it’s best practice for businesses to switch suppliers regularly to access new deals and reduce costs.

        But when is the best time; what is the best contract length; and what does a good deal look like?


      Inclusive campaign launched to shine a spotlight on independent shops, restaurants and businesses in Sunderland to support, promote and champion.

      There is a thriving community of independent businesses, which bring originality, variety and character to Sunderland’s High Street.

      It is easy for their voices to get lost. Working together we hope to create one, sizable community that will generate strength in numbers.

      Woman making coffee in a coffee shop coffee at the bothy


        • SUNDERLAND

          A partnership where retailers unify as an independent group to pre-empt theft in retail premises.

          The Shopwatch organization works closely with local authorities and intends to reduce retail crime and antisocial behaviour and to help make shopping areas safer for customers and staff.

        • SUNDERLAND

          A voluntary group with the key aim of achieving a safe, secure and responsibly led social drinking environment in all licensed premises throughout Sunderland city centre and thereby reduce alcohol-related crime.

          A partnership of local licensees, Northumbria Police and the Local Authority, working as an independent group, to share intelligence and pre-empt crime and anti-social behaviour in licensed premises.