Meet our SR1 Street Ranger, Lee.

Lee provides an enhanced cleaning service within the city centre and offers a rapid response service to businesses.

SR1 Street
Ranger Services

You will find Lee out and about as a welcoming face on the city’s streets, pivotal to knowledge sharing and communication, acting as the eyes and ears for the business community.

He also provides an enhanced cleaning service within the city centre and offers a rapid response service to businesses in the city centre.


    • Gabby the Gator


      Gabby the Gater, Lee’s specialist vehicle, ensures our SR1 Street Ranger has a quick and effective mode of transport to get to businesses in need of his services as soon as possible.

      The “Report It and Sort It” system ensures businesses needs are resolved in a timely manner.

    • sr1 street ranger lee taylor jetwashing an entranceway


      Your entry point is the first impression consumers get of your business, so cleanliness counts.

      Lee can jetwash entrances and exits of your business to ensure they are reaching maximum curb appeal.

    • SR1 Street Ranger Lee Taylor using grafitti wipes on a tagged shutter


      Our SR1 Street Ranger has a variety of specialist tools to aide in grafitti removal.

      Lee will try every avenue possible to restore your property.

    • before and after comparison of litter picking in John Street


      Litter is every city’s big problem, not only is it ugly and unsanitary, but it attracts vermin and other issues.

      Lee is on-hand with litter-picking equipment to safely and quickly resolve any litter issues you may notice within the BID boundary.

    • SR1 Street Ranger Lee Taylor talking with someone in a high visibility jacket


      Lee is our eyes and ears on the ground in the city centre.

      If you have a query and you’re not sure where to take it, ask Lee, and he will ensure it gets to the right team; be that the BID Team or someone within the council, police or a private company.

    Flowers in a box on Frederick Street

    Report it and Sort it.

    Get in touch with Lee today.