What is Parking Perx?

04 September 2020

Introducing ParkingPerx

ParkingPerx is a unique loyalty app which rewards customers with free parking when they spend offline, and it’s coming to Sunderland in October 2020.

Not only is the app backed by the BID team and Sunderland City Council, it’s also backed by former Dragon from Dragon’s Den, Jenny Campbell.

Jenny said:

“From the minute I heard about ParkingPerx in the Den, I knew it was a game-changer. The unique app rewards your customers with free parking when they spend in your offline premises. You have full control of how the app works for your business and you only pay when customers spend with you. It’s a solution to help our town centres, and for that reason, I’m in!”

The app registers card spend as the customer shops as normal in their town centre, and converts their pounds in to Perx which can be used to pay for parking at the end of their trip, or banked for a future trip. Perx can be earned at any participating businesses including shops, cafés, cinemas, bars and professional services.

The ParkingPerx team are coming to Sunderland on Friday 11 August to speak to businesses and give more information about how to get involved. If you’re not available on the 11, you can speak to the team on 0191 814 2240 or at [email protected]