19 June 2020

SUNDERLAND shoppers are being asked to “keep up the good work” as the traditionally busiest time of the week is on the horizon.

Non-essential retail opened across the city on Monday (15 June) with other outlets still planning their re-opening.

And now, with the first weekend of wider retail opening about to take place, city organisations are appealing to everyone to remember to still keep to the rules.

The Bridges is usually busiest between 11am and 2pm at weekends and now management is asking people to rethink when they come into the city centre, to stagger the amount of shoppers at any one time.

Duncan Allen, Building and Services Director at the Bridges praised the reaction of shoppers so far and asked them to continue being mindful of the restrictions in place.

“We are expecting quite a busy weekend so we just want to thank shoppers for the way they have acted so far and also to ask them bear in mind there may be extra people about,” he said.

“We would also ask everyone to look at the time they are considering coming into the centre and also to plan out in advance where they intend to go, which will make it easier for everyone.”

Sharon Appleby, Head of Business Operations at Sunderland BID, echoed Duncan’s words.

“Shoppers should now have seen all of the signage across the city centre which are just gentle reminders about maintaining social distancing,” she said.

“We’re also delighted that people have behaved responsibly and have turned out to support local businesses, which we hope will continue.”