15 September 2018

Plans for the next five years of Sunderland Business Improvement District will be unveiled this week (20 Sept) at the launch of its new business plan.

Businesses across the city will vote on the future of the BID in November, with a view to it returning for a further five years.

And with that in mind, the BID has been working on its plans should it be successful and get a “yes” vote.

The plan has been formulated after detailed consultation with businesses about their priorities and areas of concern, along with in-depth research which has resulted in “a clear indication” of the direction the BID will take going forward.

Over the past five the years the BID has helped boost the city centre economy by £3m, along with making an economic impact of a further £2m through initiatives like Restaurant Week, Christmas and the Fanzones.

The BID has run Christmas events in the city, including the popular ice rink and has also played a major role in cracking down on crime and anti-social behaviour.

It now intends to build on its foundations and launch a whole range of new positive initiatives in the city centre.

The business plan will be unveiled at an invitation-only event in a store at High Street West, which will bring the new priorities to life.

Sharon Appleby, Head of Business Operations at Sunderland BID, said it was a very important time.

“The first five years has been a challenging but successful time and we believe the BID has delivered a whole range of exciting initiatives which have had a positive impact on the city,” said Sharon Appleby, Head of Business Operations.

“But this work has only just started, which is why it is really important that we get a yes vote going forward.

“If the BID isn’t successful in getting re-elected for a second term, there will be nothing to replace the gap that will be left.

“That means all the initiatives that we currently offer – and those which will be revealed in the business plan – simply won’t happen, which will be bad news for the city.

“We hope people will come and hear what we have to say and be as excited about what we can achieve going forward as we are, by all working together.”