11 May 2020

A PLAN to get the local economy moving is being launched by Sunderland BID, with the setting up on a citywide recovery task force.

With the news that rules about lockdown may be relaxed after this weekend, the BID is now planning to create a steering board and a number of expert groups, which can come together to build a plan for the city.

The task force will be using the COVID 19 recovery framework created by the Institute of Place Management as its model, which the IPM has formed based on its years of experience and expertise in working with town and city centres, BIDs and local authorities to drive recovery and improvements.

And now the BID is looking for city centre businesses to join Sunderland City Council and other key stakeholders and become part of the recovery task force, to help create a blueprint for the future.

“It is vital for us to start looking at how we are going to operate across all sectors going forward,” said Sharon Appleby, Head of Business Operations at Sunderland BID.

“Which is why we want to bring as many people as possible together who can have some input into helping create a practical and sustainable plan which looks at every aspect of the city centre economy.”

The aim is to initially set up a steering board which will develop a strategy and then a range of different groups will be set up to look at the needs of specific areas such as retail, leisure, hospitality and access to businesses which operate in these areas.

A further group will look at public spaces and the safety aspects, ensuring that all the rules on social distancing are still observed.

“This is a very important plan for the city and I am hoping that we can get businesses, individuals and organisations on board to support it and give us their input.”

Anyone wanting to be involved can contact Sharon directly at [email protected] or call her on 07740 175230