29 June 2021

CREATIVE TYPES in Sunderland have the chance to put their mark on a new, eco-friendly installation, with a special prize up for grabs.

Sunderland BID and TA!LAB recently revealed plans for an interactive, waste-guzzling sculpture in the city centre, which they hope will not only encourage residents to recycle but also teach children about why they should.

And the BID is calling on the public to suggest a unique name, with the best idea being printed on the sculpture and the winner receiving a £50 Sunderland Gift Card for their efforts.

Designed to replicate a vending machine, the finished piece will have different slots for different materials and those who deposit their litter will get a visual ‘reward’ for their contribution.

The sculpture is currently being crowdfunded and has already reached 20 percent of its goal, with the hopes that it will become a local attraction to boost visitor numbers and the economy.

Sharon Appleby, Chief Executive at Sunderland BID, hopes residents will get creative with their suggestions.

“We believe the sculpture would make a really great addition to the city centre and we’re hoping to give it a name that really stands out, to match its eye catching design,” she said.

“It’s going to be something that the whole community will benefit from so it only felt right to ask those in Sunderland to contribute the name and we hope to get a wide variety of ideas from all age groups.

“The winner will have their suggestion proudly displayed on the machine and will also be supporting our city’s fantastic businesses with their Sunderland Gift Card prize.”

Names can be suggested by emailing [email protected] or sending a message to the Sunderland BID Facebook page before 30 June.

Donations can be made by visiting  and pledges will only be charged if the project hits its funding goal of £3,558 by 12 July.

For more information, visit