Holmeside Bus Gate

05 March 2024

Traffic enforcement cameras are being switched on in Holmeside in Sunderland City Centre. The camera will be at the bus-only section of Holmeside and will go live at 12.01 AM on Monday, 18 March 2024.

There will be a two-week grace period, and vehicle owners observed contravening the regulations will receive a warning notice.

The cameras are the third ‘bus lane enforcement’ cameras to be used by Sunderland City Council under national legislation. Councils across the country have been adopting bus lane enforcement powers to issue Penalty Charge Notices to vehicles that break traffic restrictions, such as driving in bus lanes and through bus gate restrictions.

Footage collected from the ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras will be reviewed by officers to determine whether any contravention has occurred. Drivers may be issued with a £70 Penalty Charge Notice) if the council is satisfied that a contravention has occurred. The £70 can be discounted to £35 if paid within 21 days or alternatively the driver may appeal against the proposed PCN.

Income generated by bus lane PCNs from cameras can only be used for further works on highways, public transport and environmental projects.

As with parking restrictions, if a driver disagrees with the notice, an appeals process is in place. Full details will be included on notices issued to vehicle owners.

The new enforcement does not cover speeding offences monitored by cameras, which remain with Northumbria Police and the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative (NSRI).

Penalty charge notices of £70 will be issued starting Monday, 1 April 2024.