Crime Prevention Advice – Business Security

30 March 2020

Due to the COVID-19 virus, we understand businesses, offices and community buildings are closing down and will be vacant over the forthcoming weeks. This is a difficult time for everyone and we would like to offer some crime prevention advice in making your premises as safe and secure as possible during these unprecedented times.


  • Confirm that your intruder alarm is in working order and if you have a Level One monitored alarm please make sure that your Alarm Receiving Company has up to date contact details for key holders.
  • Ensure that your CCTV cameras are working correctly and positioned so they are covering entrance/exits to and from your business.  Expert advice on equipment, procedures, including Data Protection can be found at together with approved companies.
  • Ensure your security measures are overtly promoted via signage such as “CCTV in Operation” or “24 Hour Surveillance”.

External Lighting

  • Ensure external lighting is in working order and replace any bulbs that are not working.
  • A good lighting scheme should provide uniformed lighting levels and should ideally work on a dusk to dawn circuit.
  • External illumination when a building is unoccupied is recommended for entrance gates, main entrance and doors.     

High Value Items

  • Remove valuable items from view and store securely.
  • Remove cash stored on the premises and leave empty cash drawers open.
  • Consider window coverings that limit visibility to the inside of the business.
  • Consider if you want to indicate that the business is closed.  If you do you can consider a “no cash kept on the premises” sign.

Landscaping and Natural Surveillance

  • Where possible keep trees and bushes pruned so they do not provide areas of concealment.
  • Remove anything from around the building that could be used to gain entry and ensure bids are stored securely to prevent them being used as a climbing aid.
  • If there are domestic properties near to your business or essential businesses that are staying open ask them to be aware of any suspicious activity and call the police either via 101 or if they think a crime is taking place to dial 999.

Further advice around crime prevention can be found at the following websites, or you can email us at [email protected] for any further advice.